Artists Bio

Avi Ben Simhon Avi Ben simhon
Avi Ben-Simhon has been passionate about his art for as long as he can remember. Growing up in a poor family, at the age of six, he would find himself drawing on newspapers with charcoals, while other kids were playing in the park. One day he decided to bring home one of his masterpieces. Although he was petrified of his mother’s reaction due to the dirt of the charcoals Avi stood trembling with both arms stretched out presenting his drawing
Dan Groover Bio Dan Groover
Dan Groover spent his childhood in Paris, France. Mr Groover currently works in Jerusalem, Israel. His artistic career started in the eighties with the apparition of the urban French Hip-hop culture and found its unique expression through graffiti art. As it turned out, wall painting was a way to express his inspiration and creativity.
Ester Kreisman Ester Kreisman
Beginning with many dozens (often hundreds) of my digital photographs of scenes and views of outdoor spaces, shot across a time span involving days, weeks or years. I am driven by the idea of not just capturing a static moment, but recreating it into a new dynamic display.
Multiple moments of time, as embodied in the light that weaves through these spaces, at different hours of the day, changing the appearance continuously, creating new patterns and textures as it goes.
Alek Gerber Alek Gerber
Alek Gerber is Born in Ukraine in 1966 and immigrated in Israel in 1991. Alek went to the “Art institute of Krivoy Rog” where he graduated with special honor and got a diploma in Arts painting, sculpture and history in 1990. He always was a devoted artist even as a child.
David Gerstein bio pic David Gerstein
David Gerstein has studied at the most respected art academies in London, Paris, Israel and New York. His well-known, three-dimensional wall sculptures are rich in color, dynamic in character and fanciful in execution. Gerstein witnesses daily activities and mundane objects and transforms them into vibrant works of Happy Pop Art. In addition to the many private collections and galleries that house his creations, David’s work can be seen in prominent public installations and museums throughout the world.
Lesya Bershov biography Lesya Bershov
Born in Kharkov Ukraine in 1975 and emigrated to Israel in the 1990s, Bershov has hit the local scene like a tornado.
A student of Mark Tochilkin, Bershov demonstrates the subtle detail of Tochilkin’s impressionistic strokes.
The palette is filled with golden browns and the exaggerated detail of the human form.
Bershov studied at the Kharkov Institute of Art between 1992 and 1997 and is a member of the Ukraine Art Society.